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November 28, 2010 / unveiledmirror

The ocean



The ocean manifests the rivers and lakes,

    but the ocean remains as it always was.

The origin of the rivers and lakes

    is divided at root from the clear ocean.

Stop doubting –

   this ocean is rivers and lakes,

rivers are rivers and lakes

   but the ocean is by itself the ocean.

                              from: Chinese gleams of Sufi light.

The above poem explains the concept of Wujud (Existence) and mawjud (nonexistence) of ‘wahdatul wujud.’ The manifestation of Wujud in the mawjud, but Wujud is not mawjud and mawjud is not Wujud. ‘Even if water reflects bamboo’s shadow, these two substances are not related. The wind plays with the flower’s fragrance – they are together, but not the same. This is the meaning.’


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