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July 2, 2010 / unveiledmirror

David and the ant


It is related that David a.s. was in the sanctuary. An ant passed in front of him. He lifted his hand with the intention of throwing the ant away from the place of prostration. “O David,” the ant protested, “what wantonness is this that you intend to inflict upon me? It is scarcely your task to lay hands upon me in God’s own house!” David was grief-stricken and said: “O God, how should I deal with Your creatures?” A voice was heard: “Make it your habit to act out of fear of God so that none has to suffer on your account! Do not locate the true source of creatures in their bodies! Look rather at the mystery of their creation! If We were to order an ant to come out of its black robe, so many indications of the divine Unity would radiate from its breast that the monotheists of the whole world would be put to shame. The secret of this is indicated in the saying of the Apostle, who used to pray: “Show me Your creatures as they really are.

Excerpt from The hundred letters by Maneri


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